Origin of DaAll soap - How we got started with Dr. Oh


In this section, we share the history on how DaAll soap was born as well as introduce its biggest contributor, the leading herbal specialist and head physician in Korea, Doctor Oh. DaAll’s formula is backed by Dr. Oh’s extensive knowledge on herbal medicine and treatment.

Using Doctor Oh’s treatment experience to DaAll soap 

It was Dr. Oh who inspired me to create DaAll soap.

Because of his incredible track record, experience and extensive knowledge of Oriental medicinal formulas and herbal treatment that he utilizes to cure skin ailments, I thought working with Dr. Oh would be the best way to develop the ideal soap.


In Japan, when people face facial skin problems, the first place they visit is beauty clinics or dermatologists. In Korea, many people visit herbal clinics. In Korea, herbal treatments utilizing natural botanical elements are quite popular. I was persistent in trying to make an appointment to meet with Dr. Oh to discuss this soap concept. Dr. Oh is a very busy practitioner, but finally after a number of attempts, I was able to meet him in person and to present my idea. The first presentation didn’t go as I would’ve hoped and he didn’t seem to be interested.


Without a doubt, Dr. Oh wasn’t interested in making a fortune and running a ‘business.’ So, I carefully strategized how to convey my thinking, passion and plan without being misunderstood. To convey this to him, I brought patients suffering from a variety of skin and health ailments from Japan, to Korea for him to be able treat. At one point, he was treating ten of my clients simultaneously. Dr. Oh would pinpoint the causes of each symptom. His treatment consisted of herbal medicine, cream, acupuncture and sometimes needle treatments. Dr. Oh has always treated the patients I brought from Japan with kindness and his full attention.


One day I told him “I wish there were more doctors like you in Japan” he replied “if you need me there, I can always fly over and treat patients there.” He added, “even if there’s only one patient, I am always ready to fly to see them. If help is needed, numbers don’t matter.” 


I explained to Dr. Oh that were so many patients that want his form of treatment and to be cured-but aren’t able to fly to Korea. But at the very least, I will bring my clients and customers to you.


Dr. Oh looked into my eyes and carefully replied, “I now understand why you need me. I will help you, back your project and give you my 100% if this is something you want to do for the ones you take care of.”

I remembered I burst into tears because his words were very touching and really moved me. All of my staff, clients and friends have backed me all the way all this time, so I vividly remembered after he gave me a “Yes”, I wanted to fly back to Japan as soon as possible so I could give my supporters the good news. This was day one of the birth of DaAll Aesthetic Cream Soap.



Dr. Oh, how DaAll Soap got its name

On the flight back to Japan, I wanted to thank Dr. Oh for joining our project team and wanted to show my gratitude to him and his practices in Korea. He has countless patients suffering from incurable illnesses in South Korea, so I wanted to propose the idea to donate part of the profit as proceeds to medical research in Korea. 


If someone ask me “why Korea?” I reply with pride. Simply put, “because Korea is where DaAll was born.” The word “DaAll” is also taken from Dr. Oh’s private practice clinic and the word means “fortune comes” in Korean. The word “다 (da)” means “everyone” in Korean, and “All” means “everything” in English.

Dr. Oh named “DaAll” in hopes of providing beauty to “everyone.” 


I will always remember where this name came from and the meaning behind it. My staff and I continue to strive for the betterment of my customers and clients. 



Dr. Oh’s analysis on symptoms and cause 

My treatment required me to travel to Korea once a month and most of the procedures were needle treatments and medical consultation. In addition, I had to take three types of medicines every day. Depending on the results from the interview, Dr.Oh makes adjustments on the position of the needles, and that’s how his treatments are done.


I was suffering from a disease called pyelitis. I also had chronic cystitis. As I began my treatment with Dr. Oh, people asked me if I lost weight, if I changed my make-up and whether my skin turned brighter. I got those questions as my pyelitis was beginning to heal. I had kidney disease and I was wondering why people have noticed the changes in my face and figure.


Every time I visit Dr. Oh’s clinic, I’d see another one of Dr. Oh’s patients, a girl, age around 7 to 8 years old. The first time I saw her, she was jittery, she would abruptly raise her voice, didn’t have control of her motor skills and couldn’t move without assistance. Yet, every time I would see her at Dr. Oh’s clinic, I started to notice her gradual improvement. She was eventually able to move and she appeared calmer, more at ease. As time progressed, every time I’d see her, she started getting better and would have more control of her motor skills. Then finally, I saw her one day when she started to walk towards the reception counter without help. She looked like she was enjoying a conversation with the lady by the reception. I was shocked.


I later learned that she was one of the patients that had an incurable disease and western medicine had failed her. Medical doctors had no clue how to treat her. Her father was a public service worker; her mother had a part time job. She was raised in an ordinary family. She went through western medicine treatments but each day she started having trouble speaking, became incapable of walking and ended up in a wheelchair.


Dr. Oh explained when western medicine fails to cure; they tend to categorize it as “incurable.” According to Dr. Oh, in traditional eastern medicine, there is no such thing as being “incurable,” every disease has its cause and medical name. All humans have internal organs, nerve system, muscles, hormones, immunity system and bones. While western medicine relies heavily on one organ to be treated and examined; eastern medicine examines the source of the pain (to be cured) and any/all parts of the body that may be affected by the origin of the ailment as well as post treatment conditions. Easter medicine practitioners find remedies based on holistic approach in order to release the pain.


I was impressed and it made so much sense to me. I now understand why when Dr. Oh performs needle treatments for his patients; the point of entry is not where pain is felt, but by contributing areas-the true source and origin of the ailment.


Dr. Oh is a well-known practitioner in Korea. He gives lectures at hospitals practicing western medicine and teaches eastern medicine practices to other doctors worldwide. He’s also supervises editorial articles on medical magazines specializing in Asian herbal medicine. Even with a schedule that’s always full schedule, he makes time to see this young girl at least twice a week. Dr. Oh said that eventually this girl will be able to walk on her own just like any other children her age.


On a different note, Dr. Oh’s clinic covers all her medical expenses. Every time I see their parents leave the clinic and greet Dr. Oh, they tightly shake their hands and there are no words that can be expressed to show their gratitude and appreciation.

I look forward to that day to when I see her walk with on her own and embrace life.



Dr. Oh’s philosophy

I recalled an incident where I was at his clinic for treatment. I noticed Dr. Oh’s face was swollen and I was very concerned. He chuckled as if it wasn’t even a big deal for him-but during one of his harvesting quests for very rare herbs only grow in the recesses of one of Korea’s mountainside, he was stung by a bee. Dr. Oh stated:

“as long as I’m alive, my purpose of life is to cure everyone who is in need. If other hospitals don’t have them, I’d say go find them yourself. The pains patients are going through won’t wait around; their sufferings need to be cured soon. That’s why I keep striving.” Even after being stung on the face, he continued to harvest and was back to work at his clinic without missing a beat.


Dr. Oh also strongly believes in nature’s sustainability. When I’d asked hi why not have someone else help him gather the key herbs he needs, he indicated that only he could do it as he’d be concerned that they would likely destroy the roots not knowing the proper way to harvest the plants to ensure that they will be able to grow back and be available the following year. Some plants may only allow their leaves to be picked and some just the stems depending on the season of harvest. Just like patients continue to survive and extend their lives, plants too need to be sustained.



DaAll Korean Herbal Clinic and Dr. Oh 

The word “DaAll” means “fortune comes” in Korean. The word “다 (da)” means “everyone” in Korean, and “All” means “everything” in English-in hopes that his treatments would cure “everyone.” Dr. Oh says “all human beings have the right to be healthy. I am not God. But I understand the pain my patients are going through and I want to be a healer who can relate to that pain, help them to be pain-free. And I want to support them as long as I live.”

The name of his clinic came from this hope for saving people from their pain and suffering.


I asked Dr. Oh once with this simple question, “what would you want to be if you had another life?” And he replied “I will be a doctor again.” I noticed the word “will” in his reply. It’s never a “desire” for him to be a doctor but his determination and “willingness” makes him different from other practitioners.


I also asked him when he feels when he’s most relaxed. He said when he’s under a large tree doing Qigong or when he’s in the mountain harvesting herbs. I asked his brother Mr. Inhan what kind of child Dr. Oh was in his childhood. He replied “my brother was the kind who was always troublesome. He would always go up to the mountains and he would get diarrhea from eating plants. He would climb up the tree and fall off and at times he won’t come back home until it was dark.”


I couldn’t’t stop laughing because he hasn’t changed that much. He is the same way as he was as a child; he gets chased by bees, he would randomly pick plants and eat them (even during his visit to Japan), and he would pose under the tree doing meditation. I think Dr. Oh was born in this world to be a healer and to heal people who are suffering from illness and pain. 

Being who he is now is a calling.


Dr. Oh is always running around his clinic, never taking a moment to rest. You never see a moment when he’s sitting still. His caring for his patients and dedication is filled with love and kindness.