Here we would like to share some comments from our customers. 


  • Why the experts of traveling are in favor of DaAll soap?

    The fragrance of DaAll soap is so gentle, and the foaming is so refined. I loved how my skin felt like after each wash. I used the foaming net several times to whip up that rich and creamy lather and I must say the lather is extremely comforting and healing. I loved it!
    I was surprised that I felt my skin was moist after the wash. DaAll is definitely different. This soap will make your skin super moist.
    Being on board in an aircraft working for hours, and normally the air is so dry inside, I’ve been having problems with my skin turning rough from dehydration. That’s why I use DaAll.
    I always thought bar soaps can irritate your skin after using leaving you skin with a tingling feel, but I never felt that with DaAll soap.
    Also the carry case is so cute. The drainer sponge inside is a great idea and efficiently designed. It works to save you time to dry your soap, prevent them from melting and to keep it clean at all time. I carry the compartments (items) I only need depending on where I go, and I love this efficient product.

  • Great quality foam

    I have been running an esthetic salon for many years and have been selling various beauty products.
    I have been using a bar soap with lots of minerals that is supposed to help enhance hydration on my skin. The moisture on my skin after the wash is satisfying but I have to put some lotions on as my skin dries over time.
    When I tried DaAll, the moisture on my skin lasted longer than I expected and I was impressed with the results. Also, the lather is firm and thick. Clearly this soap is different from the ones I’ve been using.
    The density of the lather is extremely high, and you can feel heat on the surface of your skin even while you’re washing your face. Any beauty experts would notice the big difference and be impressed with the quality of the lather.
    DaAll’s creamy texture foam removes all traces of make-up very well. When used as a facial cleanser, the creamy texture can lather up to a hard, thick and rich creamy foam bubbles. A truly innovative soap that has two main functions all in one soap. DaAll also comes with a nice compact container that can store the foaming net. Great for traveling and highly convenient.
    Great product as a gift for friends too!
  • Gives great skin tones!
    Best soap ever!

    I tried the soap during my business trip. Making the lather with just my hands wasn’t troublesome at all but the foaming net was impressive! It whips up the lather quicker and faster, so this is perfect for busy mornings.
    What really surprised me the most was the polyurethane draining tray. At first, I thought the tray was some kind of garbage, so I put that aside for a while (thank god, I didn’t trash it!) until I came back from my business trip, I read the manual carefully and learned that it was a drainer to help dry the soap! I thought this was a great idea. It works as a stopper and prevents the soap to move around in the container. And what’s even nice is that it keeps the bar soap sanitary.
    The soap container gives a luxurious feel to it. And what’s even better is the lid is tightly closed. Then finally what I really want to emphasis is the results after I use DaAll soap. It tightens my skin, makes my skin shiny and gives great skin tones and firmness.

  • Lasting moisture to dry skin!

    I work as a clothing buyer and my job requires me to travel overseas very frequently. Here are some of the thoughts and feedbacks on the product based on my experience using DaAll soap.
    ・Doesn’t get in the way, even if carry the round container in the bag.
    ・Love the design. The black chic look is so sophisticated and elegant looking
    ・The foaming net fits well in the case. Very convenient.
    ・Draining tray is also attached to the container. This is great.
    ・Good elegant fragrance.
    ・Great moisturizing effect, worry-free in dry weather.
    ・Highly moisturizing skin lasts long whether in heated or cool indoor environment.

    ・I always travel to countries with dry weather and some with high humidity, and none of this weather affects my skin moist. My skin is always moisturized.
    ・Great creamy lathering.
    ・I felt no tension on my skin after each cleansing; I’m very satisfied with the lasting moist feel on my skin.
    I’m glad that this product fits well to my skin. It’s my favorite now and I always look forward to wash my face with it.

  • Amazingly softer skin
    after each wash!

    The lather is rich and thick, and it feels pleasantly refreshing after using it.
    I also felt the moisture on my skin immediately after the wash and felt my skin was even softer. I’m also satisfied that my make-up was completely removed.
    I used to use cream-based make-up removers and I wasn’t supposed to wet my hands, so it was somehow troublesome but I can now use DaAll soap while taking a bath, one soap works as a make-up remover and facial cleanser. This is such a great soap that does both! I also use it to wash my hands as it also adds moisture to prevent dry skin.

  • No lotions and night creams
    needed before bed

    Usually I don’t use make-up so I use DaAll mostly as a facial cleanser. The soap is very easy to use even when you’re wearing make-up. Just grab a DaAll soap with you to the shower and you have a make-up remover and a facial cleanser with just one soap!

    I don’t know many bar soaps that can make such lather with thickness and smoothness. Even better, the fragrance was pleasantly good too. Since I started using DaAll soap, I don’t even lotion my face anymore before I go to bed.

  • A soap that solved the
    biggest skin problem

    Hi my name is Dr. Koike from Koike Clinic. I’m a dermatologist constantly striving to find good and meaningful treatment for my patients every day.
    From the western medicine perspective, I have been supporting the DaAll soap development team from the beginning stages conducting skin testing and reviewing. I have also learned Chinese medicine through Dr. Oh and started to incorporate Chinese medicine to my daily skin treatment practices as well.
    The reason I recommend this soap is that, the botanical beauty ingredients found in DaAll soap with no chemicals and petroleum-based synthetic surfactants are highly recommended by doctors.
    It is known that petroleum-based synthetic surfactant contributes to denaturing protein in the skin and residuals tend to remain in skin tissues.
    It also helps blend water and oil well, and as they remain in the skin, and it is said to help penetrate water and result in smoothness after each wash.
    While leaving smoothness to the skin and when these petroleum-based substances remain in skin cells, this can cause skin troubles such as skin roughness, redness and itching especially to those with sensitive skin.
    Most facial cleansers contain petroleum-based synthetic surfactants.
    This is why there is no end to the number of patients that need treatment, and most of them use regular facial cleansers and skin care products with these types of ingredients.
    Products with soothing, moist and other effects and results that people think are good doesn’t mean that they are safe, but most of them are not.
    Appearance isn’t everything, but the important thing is to keep beautiful, healthy and youthful skin and that gives you vitality in your daily life.
    I would like people to first open their eyes to product safety and then pick up this amazing product which you will only find highly concentrated natural ingredients that will only give you healthy and youthful skin inside out.

  • My face looked much brighter!!

    You never have a dull moment with the herb-like fresh not-so-strong fragrance of DaAll Aesthetic Cream Soap.
    I followed the instructions and started using DaAll soap and the first thing I noticed was the firm and thick lather. The lather looked just like shaving cream foam.
    I didn’t know how to lather it well at first so I added some water and the lathering started to kick in. Then I learned later that the volume of the foam doesn’t matter, but with just enough lather, it spreads so easy and covers your entire face.
    When I cover the lather all over my face, it’s almost felt like I was wearing a facial mask. After rinsing off, I noticed my face looked much brighter.
    Unbelievable! Then after drying off with a towel, my skin felt moist as if I already put on some milky lotion all over my face.
    The moist on my face lasted a long time, and the sticky, ”mochi-like” yet smooth touch was so nice that I couldn’t believe it’s the same skin. So, I now understand why DaAll says you won’t need lotions and facial creams. The package is also cute but the quality of the product is even more impressive!!! Thank you for sharing such a great product!
  • Dedicated soap container
    for on-the-go lifestyle

    The product comes with a sponge to help drain and keep your bar soap dry so they last longer.
    The container is designed to fit all, including the foaming net, so it’s portable and easy to carry around. After using, you can just put the soap in the container, takes up very little space in your washing stand (or wherever).
    The container is spillage-free (this has been tested and proven) so your handy soap is perfect for a busy on-the-go lifestyle.

  • Great portable case
    for long business travels!

    DaAll’s cream soap is just the perfect size for me, and with the slick-look portable container I can just carry it with me on my long business trips. The foaming net also fits perfectly in my hand and the lathering is amazing. The container can also store the net in, so it’s very convenient. The urethane drain sponge in the bottom of the case is so innovative! It drains the soap and prevents the soap from dissolving. That’s an extra point! On a busy business trip when you tend to have very little time in the morning, this come in very handy as you don’t have to worry too much about drying the soap.

  • Great cleansing power with
    just a small amount of soap!

    Since my job requires me to pack light, the portable soap was appealing. The cute little container has some stylish look to it, and I loved it. The soap really lasts long and you only need a small amount to remove your make-up, so I’m looking to buy the smaller size! I work in an aircraft cabin where most of the time the air is dryer, so the moisturizer effect is much appreciated.

  • Amazingly refreshed skin
    with great moisturization

    I love the creamy foam and the fragrance is amazing and therapeutic, it gives a sense of healing even while you’re cleansing your face. After I wash off the foam, my skin felt refreshed and sticky and moist. My face felt a bit tense and stretched after each wash, but I always put on lotion after the wash and the moist seems to last longer.

  • Portable container and
    foaming net for ease of use

    The size of the soap is perfect as they last long. Great for long business trip.
    The container is designed to carry around. Great for travels and business trips.
    The container fits the soap and the foaming net in. Great portability. The foaming net is a must buy as it creates great lather.
    Especially when you’re on business travel, you tend to have very little time. So after using DaAll soap, you can just put the soap in the container, takes up very little space and saves you time to dry the soap.

  • Amazing soap that surprised
    me twice!

    I used it twice and left me in awe both times. When I used it first as a cleanser without lathering, the rinsing was smooth and easy and it left me with moist skin after the wash! Then the second time, I made the lather and cleanse my face with it, with the fine-textured lather, the after-wash as refreshing and left me with moist skin again!
    The moisture I felt in my skin after each wash was amazing! Also, the lathering is easy and it gets done easier than you think, so it helps a lot especially in busy mornings. I’m so glad that I found a great soap!!

  • Great fluffy, spongy foam
    for shaving!

    My girlfriend got me into DaAll soap and I tried using it as a shaving foam. I was surprised how gentle the lather was and definitely unlike the regular shaving foams available. Shaving was stress-free and smooth, very comfortable and felt the moisture on my skin after washing. This is very addicting.

  • The moist on my skin lasted
    till the next morning!

    I tried DaAll soap at night, and after the wash, I felt the moisture on my skin. I was even more surprised the next morning. That moist I felt last night after the wash stayed till the next morning.... Amazing!

  • All natural ingredients
    safe for sensitive skins

    As a professional working in the field of manufacturing cosmetics dedicatedly designed for medical equipment, I noticed there is not much soap that works as make-up removers. Majority of the soaps with make-up removing function normally gives tension and tightness to skins after each wash.
    But DaAll is different. The fine-texture lathering gives a nice smoothness and moist to the skin. Because the ingredients are all natural, DaAll fits all skin types including those with sensitive skin. The fragrance also creates that relaxing effect.
    DaAll soap is safe, made with all natural ingredients, and the essential beauty ingredients are highly concentrated. I look forward to a healthier skin as I continue to use DaAll, my favorite one and only soap.

  • Great facial cleanser that makes your skin smooth and shiny

    In the past, I used to use similar soaps with the lathering function but none of them satisfied me like DaAll. But with DaAll, the lathering is so easy and the container is so easy to handle too. I was skeptical at first whether soaps can really remove make-ups, but once I start using, it made me a believer. The remover function really works! It removed all traces of my make-ups.
    Also something I felt each time after I wash off my face, I felt my skin looked brighter. What I liked the most about DaAll is that it definitely cleanses dirt on my skin and my skin looked more glossy and shiny than before.

  • Amazed by the nice fluffy touch and the moisturizing effect

    The creamy, whipped lather is so nice with a fluffy touch, I can’t stop touching it! Immediately after washing off the lather, I felt the “mochi-like” buttery moist on my skin and I was impressed! It makes my daily make-up time even more fun!

  • A new sensation! The cream texture that works as a make-up remover

    What’s so new about this soap is that with DaAll soap’s creamy texture you can use it just like you’re using a regular oil-based make-up remover, but without the oil! There are similar soap products that advertise their make-up removal function, but most of them create foams and because of that, they’re hard to remove the traces of eye liners and mascaras. I am very happy to have found this soap that works perfectly as a make-up remover and a facial cleanser.

  • An amazing no-double-cleanse make-up remover!

    The fragrance is pleasantly nice! The little sweet aroma gives a very relaxing feeling. Lathering is very easy when using with the accessory foaming net.
    I use the lather when I wash my face in the morning. In the evenings, I use the paste-like creamy texture to remove my make-up and cleanse. And what’s worth mentioning is the process I do in the evenings!! With just a little hot water added, the soap almost immediately creates a creamy texture and the make-up removal becomes faster. It even removes water-proof eyeliners. There’s no need to “double” cleanse your face, the after-wash is refreshing and my skin is surprisingly moist!!

  • A nice facial cleansing and foam face mask brings relaxation

    My T-zones are always oily and I have combination skin with dry area around my mouth and eyes. DaAll pulls the dirt from my pores, cleans up my skin, and leaves my skin moisturized after each refreshing wash. It’s also easy to carry it with you with the portable container so when I go on a business trip, DaAll is always with me! The thick lather is wonderful and I use it as a face pack before washing off. The fragrance is also nice and makes me happy when I cover my face with the creamy foam; it’s very therapeutic especially after a long day at work. I’m a huge fan of DaAll!!!! I have no plans on letting DaAll go.

  • No skin flakes in dry weathers Great moist on skin after each shave

    When I use DaAll soap for shaving, the lather is really thick so it stays all the way until I wash them off, so each shaving is always stress-free. Normally after shaving, my skin gets irritated and tight, and sometimes I get skin flakes in dry weathers. But with DaAll soap because of its moisturizing effect, my skin is always moist after each shave.
    The fragrance isn’t too “girlish” either so men would love it too.

  • Thick and creamy lather Instantly removes make-ups

    The bouncy, thick and creamy lather is just amazing. Instantly removes my make-ups, after wash is even great, I felt no signs of irritation on my face.
    The moisturizing effect is almost flawless, and it’s so good that I would recommend them to apply the ingredients to lotions and other skin care product lines. I hope they get to introduce other products in the future.

  • Great scented soap
    with amazing lather

    I thought the soap I’ve been using was good enough but DaAll was even better. A soap with a nice fragrance, whips up a good lather and easy to wash. I’m very satisfied.

  • Great soap for busy moms

    I couldn’t believe soaps can remove make-ups! I followed the makeup-removal steps and washed my face using the creamy texture and I was surprised how it completely removed all my makeup. This is a great product for busy moms with very little time like me.