The fragrance of DaAll soap is so gentle, and the foaming is so refined. I loved how my skin felt like after each wash. I used the foaming net several times to whip up that rich and creamy lather and I must say the lather is extremely comforting and healing. I loved it!
I was surprised that I felt my skin was moist after the wash. DaAll is definitely different. This soap will make your skin super moist.
Being on board in an aircraft working for hours, and normally the air is so dry inside, I’ve been having problems with my skin turning rough from dehydration. That’s why I use DaAll.
I always thought bar soaps can irritate your skin after using leaving you skin with a tingling feel, but I never felt that with DaAll soap.
Also the carry case is so cute. The drainer sponge inside is a great idea and efficiently designed. It works to save you time to dry your soap, prevent them from melting and to keep it clean at all time. I carry the compartments (items) I only need depending on where I go, and I love this efficient product.