I have been running an esthetic salon for many years and have been selling various beauty products.
I have been using a bar soap with lots of minerals that is supposed to help enhance hydration on my skin. The moisture on my skin after the wash is satisfying but I have to put some lotions on as my skin dries over time.
When I tried DaAll, the moisture on my skin lasted longer than I expected and I was impressed with the results. Also, the lather is firm and thick. Clearly this soap is different from the ones I’ve been using.
The density of the lather is extremely high, and you can feel heat on the surface of your skin even while you’re washing your face. Any beauty experts would notice the big difference and be impressed with the quality of the lather.
DaAll’s creamy texture foam removes all traces of make-up very well. When used as a facial cleanser, the creamy texture can lather up to a hard, thick and rich creamy foam bubbles. A truly innovative soap that has two main functions all in one soap. DaAll also comes with a nice compact container that can store the foaming net. Great for traveling and highly convenient.
Great product as a gift for friends too!