I tried the soap during my business trip. Making the lather with just my hands wasn’t troublesome at all but the foaming net was impressive! It whips up the lather quicker and faster, so this is perfect for busy mornings.
What really surprised me the most was the polyurethane draining tray. At first, I thought the tray was some kind of garbage, so I put that aside for a while (thank god, I didn’t trash it!) until I came back from my business trip, I read the manual carefully and learned that it was a drainer to help dry the soap! I thought this was a great idea. It works as a stopper and prevents the soap to move around in the container. And what’s even nice is that it keeps the bar soap sanitary.
The soap container gives a luxurious feel to it. And what’s even better is the lid is tightly closed. Then finally what I really want to emphasis is the results after I use DaAll soap. It tightens my skin, makes my skin shiny and gives great skin tones and firmness.