I work as a clothing buyer and my job requires me to travel overseas very frequently. Here are some of the thoughts and feedbacks on the product based on my experience using DaAll soap.
・Doesn’t get in the way, even if carry the round container in the bag.
・Love the design. The black chic look is so sophisticated and elegant looking
・The foaming net fits well in the case. Very convenient.
・Draining tray is also attached to the container. This is great.
・Good elegant fragrance.
・Great moisturizing effect, worry-free in dry weather.
・Highly moisturizing skin lasts long whether in heated or cool indoor environment.

・I always travel to countries with dry weather and some with high humidity, and none of this weather affects my skin moist. My skin is always moisturized.
・Great creamy lathering.
・I felt no tension on my skin after each cleansing; I’m very satisfied with the lasting moist feel on my skin.
I’m glad that this product fits well to my skin. It’s my favorite now and I always look forward to wash my face with it.