Hi my name is Dr. Koike from Koike Clinic. I’m a dermatologist constantly striving to find good and meaningful treatment for my patients every day.
From the western medicine perspective, I have been supporting the DaAll soap development team from the beginning stages conducting skin testing and reviewing. I have also learned Chinese medicine through Dr. Oh and started to incorporate Chinese medicine to my daily skin treatment practices as well.
The reason I recommend this soap is that, the botanical beauty ingredients found in DaAll soap with no chemicals and petroleum-based synthetic surfactants are highly recommended by doctors.
It is known that petroleum-based synthetic surfactant contributes to denaturing protein in the skin and residuals tend to remain in skin tissues.
It also helps blend water and oil well, and as they remain in the skin, and it is said to help penetrate water and result in smoothness after each wash.
While leaving smoothness to the skin and when these petroleum-based substances remain in skin cells, this can cause skin troubles such as skin roughness, redness and itching especially to those with sensitive skin.
Most facial cleansers contain petroleum-based synthetic surfactants.
This is why there is no end to the number of patients that need treatment, and most of them use regular facial cleansers and skin care products with these types of ingredients.
Products with soothing, moist and other effects and results that people think are good doesn’t mean that they are safe, but most of them are not.
Appearance isn’t everything, but the important thing is to keep beautiful, healthy and youthful skin and that gives you vitality in your daily life.
I would like people to first open their eyes to product safety and then pick up this amazing product which you will only find highly concentrated natural ingredients that will only give you healthy and youthful skin inside out.