You never have a dull moment with the herb-like fresh not-so-strong fragrance of DaAll Aesthetic Cream Soap.
I followed the instructions and started using DaAll soap and the first thing I noticed was the firm and thick lather. The lather looked just like shaving cream foam.
I didn’t know how to lather it well at first so I added some water and the lathering started to kick in. Then I learned later that the volume of the foam doesn’t matter, but with just enough lather, it spreads so easy and covers your entire face.
When I cover the lather all over my face, it’s almost felt like I was wearing a facial mask. After rinsing off, I noticed my face looked much brighter.
Unbelievable! Then after drying off with a towel, my skin felt moist as if I already put on some milky lotion all over my face.
The moist on my face lasted a long time, and the sticky, ”mochi-like” yet smooth touch was so nice that I couldn’t believe it’s the same skin. So, I now understand why DaAll says you won’t need lotions and facial creams. The package is also cute but the quality of the product is even more impressive!!! Thank you for sharing such a great product!